Our Story

Welcome to our baking haven! Since 2019, we have been spreading joy one delicious treat at a time. What started as a simple passion for baking for friends and family quickly grew into a beloved endeavor, thanks to the overwhelming love and support we received. Our team of young, enthusiastic bakers finds immense happiness in crafting delightful baked goods that bring smiles to your faces. Every pastry and cookie we make is a labour of love, infused with our dedication to quality and creativity. Join us on this sweet journey and taste the joy in every bite!

  • GeBiz Registered

    As a registered GeBiz vendor, we ensure streamlined procurement processes for government institutions, offering efficient and compliant service.

  • Muslim Owned

    We are a Muslim-owned business, rooted in a commitment to quality, community, and cultural heritage.

  • Homemade Authentic Taste

    Our treats are crafted from treasured family recipes, ensuring every bite is steeped in tradition. But we don't stop there—our innovative touch brings fresh, modern twists to classic favourites.

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  • Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Regular price From $5.20 SGD
    Regular price $6.90 SGD Sale price From $5.20 SGD
    Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Nutella Buttons

    Regular price $15.90 SGD
    Regular price $17.90 SGD Sale price $15.90 SGD
    Nutella ButtonsNutella Buttons
  • Almond Rocher

    Regular price $13.90 SGD
    Regular price $15.90 SGD Sale price $13.90 SGD
    Almond RocherAlmond Rocher
  • Mini Nutella Jars

    Regular price From $2.50 SGD
    Regular price Sale price From $2.50 SGD
    Mini Nutella Jars